CZECH REPUBLIC: The show of excellence will be in Valtice 2019.

Milan. In conjunction with the visit of the institutional-business delegation of the Czech Republic, the meeting to introduce the initiatives and programs that will engage South Moravia in 2019 was held in Milan on November 16th in the Lombardy Region.

Thanks to the recent agreement signed between the Qualitaly association and the UGCE (the Union of European Journalists and Communicators) and the adehesion of to the Chamber of Commerce Italy – Czech Republic, the next big international event by Qualitaly was announced at the Pirelli Skyscraper, designed and organized in direct collaboration with the mixed chamber.

At the beginning of July 2019, in the splendid scenery of the Castle of Valtice (Unesco heritage), will be held the great show presenting the Italian Excellences: Art, Culture, Enogastronomy, Jewelry, Fashion, Design, everything representing the best of contemporary national creativity in one superlative showcase, in the heart of the triangle between Vienna, Prague and Bratislava.

In the images, some glimpses of the Castle of Valtice, exhibition venue for Qualitaly in July 2019 (with descriptive textes in Italian):

On the sidelines of the official meetings then, also moments of visit and comparison for the institutional-entrepreneurial delegation of the Czech Republic, both in Lombardy and in Piedmont (the following November 17th), with a visit to the museum of the battle of Marengo in Alessandria, expertly re-launched and administered by Dr. Cristina Antoni.


The initiative launched by Qualitaly in Milan has already received a large echo, with attention also from the media. Here is a preview of the video of the television service created by Canale Italia (video spoken in Italian language).


Further information and calls for papers will be published in the coming weeks.

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