“Ars Incognita”: now the promotional exhibition’s catalog

Turin. It was held in Turin in the Hall of Honor “Aldo Viglione” of the Regional Council of Piedmont, the expected presentation of the “General Catalog” of the promoter edition of the event “ARS INCOGNITA” conceived by Massimiliano Panero and strongly desired by the Cultural Association Qualitaly.

The 264-page volume re-proposes all the works seen on display at the Stupinigi Hunting Palace in October 2017 (over 200 from 16 different countries) and also presents a historical and textual history of the events that – for five days – have animated the historical Savoy residence.

Accurately and longly elaborated, with the direct collaboration of many of the artists on show, the book is also the confirmation of the spirit of the event “ARS INCOGNITA”, through the direct interaction between the actors of the contemporary art scene and their promoters, with a view to a concrete enhancement of usable art, that is, that has a message to offer, but also the potential of an audience that wants to listen, that art – regardless of styles and techniques – has the characteristics to make itself known every day more.

With important contributions (one among all the support of Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia) and with presences of excellence (such as that of Philippe Daverio), the catalog is the “summa” of the promoter exhibition, which is now preparing to return in December. with its 2018 edition and confirming its formula of open dialogue at the highest levels.

“We will go to the discovery of a new location, always within the” Crown of delights “, to propose a new use of those jewels recognized” World Heritage Site “by UNESCO – emphasizes Massimiliano Panero, president of Qualitaly – and we will continue the multidisciplinary dialogue started last year on all the possible interactions of art with our contemporary “.

After the experiences in 2017 with the debates on “Art and Technology”, “Art and Business”, “Opportunity of Art Bonus”, “Art and Publishing” and “Art and Communication”, this year will be addressed above all the themes ” Contemporary art and cultural heritage “,” Art and faiths, today “and great emphasis will be given to the theme of” Cultural Diplomacy “, together with representatives of the United Nations and the European Parliament, and with the contribution of foreign embassies and foreign cultural organizations , such as the Gorbaciov Foundation, the Embassy of Tunisia in Italy and the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, going – all together – to think about how, art and culture, can become instruments for resolving disagreements among the Peoples .

In the coming days the new call will be officially announced, accessible directly on line from the association’s portal, at www.qualitaly.info open to all artists and with incentive and facilitation formulas for those who have already been selected in the edition of 2017.

Through the window below you can browse the electronic version, download the contents or read it in full screen.



For more information: press@qualitaly.info

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