The Qualitaly format at BAROLO FASHION SHOW

Qualitaly’s experience of over ten years on foreign markets, especially in Russia and China, is transformed into a format for the enhancement and internationalization of Italian excellence.

The presentation, in the dedicated seminar open to all operators in the sector, will take place in the context of the next BAROLO FASHION SHOW, in Barolo (CN) on June 8th 2018 at 18:00.

After the anticipations seen in the press conference of presentation, held at Casa Martini last April 12 (in the photos on this page), it will be time to get to the heart and explore the great opportunities offered by foreign markets, the balance of the various data sectors and trends expected for the coming years.

Massimiliano Panero and Pietro Ricca will introduce the Qualitaly format and the key words to face the Italian System’s most effective response to the crisis. The sequence of promotion, marketing and enhancement will be the cornerstones of the presentation of a consolidated multidisciplinary format, where feasibility studies, analysis and logistics development together with the most innovative dedicated platforms will systematically address the essential needs to make business in step with the times, in Italy and in the world.

To receive an invitation to participate in the event, a limited number, you must send an email to no later than June 6th, 2018.

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