Saint Petersburg celebrates “Arte Incognita”

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for the artwork of the Italian artists 

traveling along the great silk road.   

Saint Petersburg (Russia). The beginning of the month of March will see an extraordinary parenthesis in the activities of Qualitaly in Russia, with the new exhibition about “Arte Incognita“, hosted from March 5th to 11th in the prestigious venues of the “Master Class Foundation” in the central Mayakovskogo ulitsa, thanking the new partnership of Qualitaly in collaboration with “Tempus Incognito”.

We celebrate the excellence of contemporary art, beyond the clichés and the established schemes, to offer an all-around visibility to the artists who follow us aronud the world – underline the president of Qualitaly, Massimiliano Paneroand this new collaboration is the confirmation of the validity of our format”.

After the prestigious exhibitions in EXPO Milan 2015, in which Qualitaly was the curator of the Chinese business pavilion, and after the events in Australia, Korea, China and at the BRICS summit, the association is now setting up a network of cultural excellence all around the world, to enhance and give strength to the opportunities offered by the “Cultural Diplomacy“. So also following the collaboration already started between Turin and St. Petersburg, with the recent exhibition about “Nefertari” from the Egyptian Museum of Turin hosted at the Hermitage, we now talk about contemporary art.

Few weeks ago we finished the preview of “Arte Incognita” in Italy, the first biennial of the artists at the Royal Hunting Palace in Stupinigi – continues Panero – and now we want to bring this same format of dialogue and confrontation also to St. Petersburg. With the Master Class Foundation and its director Tamara Semenova, thanks to the collaboration of “Tempus Incognito”, our preferred partner in Russia, we begin a new path, looking also at high-level collaborations, as well as the idea of “twinning” between the palaces, for example between the Royal Hunting Palace in Stupinigi and the Peterhof Summer Palace”.

The artworks of contemporary Italian artists therefore continue their journey of internationalization “Along the Great Silk Road” and greet Russia, which has repeatedly had the opportunity to appreciate them with Qualitaly, with this extraordinary and unplanned celebration.

We hope that even the Russian contemporary artists of St. Petersburg, as already done in the past by the Chinese ones, – concluded Panero – will appreciate the cultural comparison and the dialogue between styles, waiting to see them soon in Italy, thanks to this new Qualitaly collaboration with the Master Class Foundation and Tempus Incognito”.

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