Call for papers: ARTS BIENNIAL 2017

The international art arrives in Stupinigi
with the promotional review for an Arts Biennial

 The new important initiative of Qualitaly departs,
from October 5th to 9th 2017,  with events and shouting characters
to transform the area in a new button center for contemporary art

Turin. Ars Incognita – Promotional Review for an Arts Biennial” that’s the title of the exhibition created by the cultural association Qualitaly and that, in direct collaboration with the City of Nichelino and the Mauritian Order Foundation, will be presented to the public at the Stupinigi Hunting Palace with a dense calendar of events and appointments from October 5th to 9th, 2017.

As emerged from over fifteen years of Qualitaly’s artistic and cultural experiences and contacts around the world, there is a great distance between the so-called “established art” and the real “appreciated art“, that is, between the interest of the general public and the Guidelines proposed by the parties of the so-called official market. Thus, the “concept” of the event was born and developed, which was born immediately with the ambition of being biennial in the sector: an event addressed directly to artists, to those who want to grow in the art world and to all those who intend to put dialogue and confrontation as the starting points of a common growth debate.


We start in direct synergy with the cultural system of the City of Nichelino and with all the operators of the area – emphasizes the Qualitaly’s president Massimiliano Panero, creator of the event – with the aim of offering the Palazzina a new definition as a pulsating and gravitational center for the free expression of contemporary artists, from its ancient role of “artistic gathering of the Royals” to the new one of “real artistic gathering”.

Open to all, the notice of participation (DOWNLOADABLE HERE OR ON THE LINKS AT THE END OF THIS PAGE) imposes no communication limit: “Paintings, photographies, graphics, sculptures, installations, multimedia – underlines the art director of Qualitaly Nikolinka Nikolova, curator with Panero of the event – all the “media” of today will be present, especially with the aim of welcoming an art that is enjoyable, pleasant and able to contextualize itself in the proposed environment, without scandalous operations and without forgetting the cultural path that has brought it to the contemporary”.

The calendar will also include the participation of illustrious guests and of a “Mysterious Face“, an art historian and well-known media character, a true star of the event, whose identity will only be revealed at the press conference at the end of July and that, on Saturday, October 7th, will hold a lecture about the “Communication in Art” to entertain artists and the public.

After the inauguration on Thursday 5th, events of the National Architects’ Order (on Friday 6th) and of the National Journalists’ Order (on Saturday 7th) will therefore be the corollary of appointments to the general public, such as the first “White Night of the Arts” on Saturday evening, historical re-enactment with costume performances at the Palazzina and prizes (with diplomas and honors for the most deserving artists) on Sunday 8th and the day for schools and academies, with the comparison space for the art galleries on Monday 9th.

With the involvement of local administrations, regional parks and local producers’ associations –  Panero concludes – we will create a virtuous network where art and culture, together with institutions and businesses, can “make system” for a new definition and a real revival of the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge”.


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