Opened the exhibition tour in China

In April 2016 the first artworks begun the exhibition tour in China.

So the second part of the exhibition contest is started! The artworks selected in ” The qualities of China” created by Qualitaly for the CCUP Chinese pavilion in EXPO Milano 2015 – says the president of Qualitaly Massimiliano Paneronow have reached the China. In the same days, our delegation is present on site to define all the exhibition stages during the year, that will see on display in various venues all the award-winning artworks, reported at the Universal Exposition”.

The first festival took place in Fushan-Zibo, Shandong Province, in direct collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts and with the Beijing University, with whom Qualitaly signed a collaboration that will create the new cultural exchange and events, also to promote trade and business relations between the various parties and the various regions involved.

Here are some moments of the first show and the visit of the delegation to Qualitaly Fushan-Zibo in Shandong.


While on the link below, you can follow the video-report carried by China TG Fushan TV, about the inauguration of the Qualitaly exhibition tour in China.

For informations and updates about the tour of the exhibitions in China, please write to:

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