Moscow – Project by Qualitaly presented at TASS

Tuesday, December 13, 2016, at the prestigious headquarters of TASS, the Russian news agency, in Tverskoy Boulevard 2 in Moscow, the Qualitaly Association presented the initiative of exhibition and confrontation “Along the Great Silk Road”, with the participation of artists, entrepreneurs and authorities from Europe, Russia and China.

The event, to which – among others – also took part delegates from “Confindustria Russia”, from the “Business Council of the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation” and from “United Russia”, was broadcast to the web streaming .

During the presentation the many partners of the project were shown and have been anticipated the artworks of many artists. The video of the whole presentation, with speeches – among others – by the President of Qualitaly Massimiliano Panero and by the artistic director of the association Nikolinka Nikolova, is available on Youtube or by clicking directly in the link below.


Below the video of the service transmitted by TG SAT Bashkiro the 23.12.2016 about the presentation of the tour and about the presentation of the project in press conference at press center TASS in Moscow


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