“Visions of Italy”: the tour of exhibitions for the decennial returned from Australia


It’s completed the tour of art shows in Australia:
from Spring 2015 to Autumn 2016 Italians contemporary artists were presented in the most prestigious venues of Victoria.

Turin. It is now more than ten years since when Qualitaly association presented the first cultural exchange project with Australia. But what at the time seemed a gamble, thanks to the valuable collaboration offered by the local counterpart, ie the Council of Ethnic Communities “Diversitat”, has become over the years a constant success both in Europe and in Oceania, in art and culture as at the institutional level and for mutual enterprises.

So, after the visit of the Australian delegation to Italy in the fall of 2014, it was held the tour of exhibition “Visions of Italy – contemporary artistic expression” that Qualitaly association has presented with a particularly rich review of the national contemporary art, certainly the the most significant ever proposed in Australia for styles, features and completeness.

After the presentation of the event in the context of the “Pako Festa” in Geelong (the main multicultural event in Australia), the exhibition was on display at the Exhibition Hall of the Deakin University. Subsequently we had other exposures, from Melbourne to Ballarat, Colac to Surf Coast Culture Museum, and the success of the Italian contemporary art made widely hear his own echo, with prestigious reports on important publications of Victoria.

“With these ten years of established operations in Australia – said the president of Qualitaly, Massimiliano Panero – we were able to present and appreciate the best of contemporary cultural and artistic production, offering the opportunity to strengthen an ancient bond of friendship that, from the coasts of Victoria and from the gathering places of the finest Australian wools, arrives on our hills and to those famous companies that, thanks to those wools, have been able to write the fashion and the Italian taste”.

But the Qualitaly project not only is aimed to celebrate the past, but also to imagine the future, and “that’s why it continues to be essential the comparison and the knowledge – reiterated the president Panero – and that’s why, after more than ten years, we continue to obtain successes with the Italian contemporary art in Australia!”

Big names and new promises in the art as in the photography, classic styles and trendy techniques, as well as a valuable overview of “fiber art” from the civic collection of Chieri that, together with the City of Moncalieri, supported the project: this is the proposal of Qualitaly which has fascinated Australia. A new page between art and friendship, culture and spirit of confrontation, written with the collaboration of many artists: Gianluigi Alberio, Virna Brunetto, Giustino Caposciutti, Margherita Cravero, Edmondo Di Napoli, Daniela Gioda, Giancarlo Giordano, Corrado Grappeggia, Angela Greek, Ezio Gribaudo, Mariella They, Alberto Magliozzi, Domenico Moraglio, Matilde Mulè, Nikolinka Nikolova, GP Orbassano, Leonardo Pagliano, Marco Pagliano, Nella Parigi, Gianfranco Peiretti, Gianni Ravera, Valeria Scuteri, Carlà Tomatis and Giovanna Noodler.

And here are some images of works in the exhibition in Australia.


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