Qualitaly is an association founded with the idea of ​​promoting Italy and all its excellences; It is animated by a pool of professionals who have been working, in collaboration with public authorities, for the development of the nation, so to create and develop – in Italy and abroad – high quality programs, in an interaction between public and private.

Qualitaly is an ambitious project, which in its part addressed abroad, it aims to create preferential channels for trade and cultural exchange between Italy and a number of countries carefully chosen for their specific peculiarities. Outside Italy it spreads knowledge of national excellence, whether historic, cultural or culinary art or craft, creating events that can promote them and bringing them in all those places where there is evidence of particular interest for our country.

Parallel in Italy, in addition to the spread of humus present knowledge, it promotes art, culture, history and excellence of international realities that have become partners in the various projects. The direct cooperation with media professionals then guarantees the constant and widespread dissemination information and visibility of each event and of all partners, even towards the general public, in Italy and abroad.

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