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The spirit of our project.

Qualitaly is a cultural association that came to life in 2002 by the collaboration of established professionals in the field of communication, art and culture, then officially constituted by notarial deed in 2004, with the aim to promote and develop research, study and knowledge of the culture in all its various expressions, enhancement enogastronomy and the promotion of tourism.

The association operates through a network of partnerships with organizations and cultural institutions, through management formulas and mixed public-private partnerships to carry out projects and cultural activities, research and promotion of high profile.

But the cultural association Qualitaly is – first of all – a reality of people united by a passion for the land, its culture and its most precious fruits.

The association is an extensive and fascinating reality that combines expertise and creativity to a managerial and commercial management of the cultural product, enhancement and internationalization. Also deals with the implementation of complex projects: economic and technical feasibility, management models, training, legislative investigation and obtaining additional financial resources.

What distinguishes the cultural association Qualitaly is the exclusivity and the method of its topicality: professionals in different fields, through the needs expressed by the company, identify themes and contents to deepen and enhance; simultaneously identifies the international partners that can ensure management skills, communication and distribution of various contents, in order to respond to the increasingly complex questions and qualified and create a dynamic synergy between culture, institutions, and commercial and business activities.

The cultural association of tourist and gastronomic promotion Qualitaly is then able to develop several types of projects:

• promotions and international valuations;

• multidisciplinary cultural projects;

• exhibitions, cultural events and conferences;

• research on topics of historical interest, artistic, cultural, educational and training;

• refresher courses, training, internships and scholarships;

• publishing and promotion (catalogs, books to study and research, newsletters, seminars and symposia, websites and multimedia information materials).

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